Things from and Thinking about my Grandma

The last few days have been a whirlwind of settling in, unpacking and organizing, cleaning and stocking our new kitchen shelves. It seems so weird to be (finally) living in my very own place with the man I love. It's only been a few days but it feels just right.

But this post is not about our big move; that'll come soon. It's about the unexpected feelings that came as I was packing up. There were the expected ones: uncertainty of what's to come, sadness to leave my cozy home with my snuggly old dog, excitement about starting a new phase of my life. But I got the most warm and nostalgic feeling as I packed up my bathroom cabinet. What caused this feeling? Several containers of Pond's cold cream. That's right, cold cream filled me up with happiness and a tinge of sadness.

Cold cream always reminds of my grandma. My mom's mom has always been the "grandma" because, even though you have two of them, there's always the one who's your favorite and defines what grandma means to you. She was a homemaker back when it was in fashion and was a motherly and caring figure even before she was married to my grandpa and started their family. She's what inspires me to go after my dreams and be independent but also makes me proud of being a woman and having the incredible ability to change the world by caring for your family.

Seeing those jars of cold cream reminds me of how small gestures of love are the best kind. I have enough cold cream to last me until I'm 45 but every Christmas, Grandma sneaks one down into the foot of my stocking. Just like she wraps up a dried salami for my brother so he has a snack, it's those same small gestures that lets us know that she will always care for us. That's the best part of having a grandma. It's that unconditional love that makes your life sweeter, better, and warmer.

Even though I am cramming them into the nooks and crannies of my small apartment bathroom, I love that I have that silly and caring gesture from the woman in my life I will always admire. All I can say is I hope there are many more jars to come.