Plaid, Patchy, and Proud




Skirt: American Eagle (old), Sweater: F21, Tights: Target, Boots: DSW (old), Scarf: gift from Mom's Hungarian vacation

Don't I just look like a fall dream in this get-up? Or could it just be I'm a crazy kindergarten teacher? Both are pretty much true when it comes to this outfit. It's one of my absolute favorite work outfits from a week or so ago. I bought this skirt at American Eagle back in high school and, though it's a bit big, it still makes me happy every time I wear it. I always get a compliment or a look when I wear it, that much I can tell you. And it has a bubble hem before bubble hems were even popular so even if it is the craziest patchwork of plaid you've ever seen, it's pretty fashion forward...maybe. The scarf and my navy tights are runner-ups for my second place in favorites. Navy tights were a necessary purchase for the fall considering I wear more navy than a sailor. The scarf is a recent gift from my mom from her travels to Prague, Budapest, and tiny villages in Slovakia. Many of my favorite accessories have been accrued this way and I always feel very cosmopolitan with my international wardrobe.

Despite this being the first full weekend Nick and I will have in the apartment, it's the Craft Beer Express in Philly. Last year was our first year taking this crazy wild adventure and we've come back for more. What could be better than riding a school bus through the streets of Philadelphia with a bunch of drunk people travelling from bar to bar? Well, probably a lot of things but we've got a good group going and it will be a great way to spend a Saturday before we get back to the daily grind of unpacking. Pictures from this adventure and our apartment to come!