Native Print Cardigan

Sweater:, Tee: Gap, Boots: American Eagle 

I apologize for these hastily taken outfit photos from last weekend. I took these quick photos because I wanted to show off the simple outfit I put together with my new sweater. I have wanted a drapey fall sweater since September hit and I found this one on sheinside and it's pretty perfect for the price. The only problem is I'm a little too tall for the sweater so the sleeves are a fraction too short but I always push my sleeves up so it works. This was also a great opportunity to bring out my chunky heeled booties I bought last winter at American Eagle. I never thought I'd buy a pair of shoes from AE but I am pleasantly surprised and so are my feet!

Seeing these photos makes me reminisce about pretty fall weather. It's been pretty cold and a little slushy around here. It's now hibernating time for me, meaning this weekend is going to be an indoor weekend for cleaning, catching up on knitting projects and cooking some delicious meals with maybe a side of Christmas decorating. I'm definitely feeling the spirit. It's nice to start this holiday season off with one weekend of rest before the inevitable shopping sprees and holiday parties. I like them all but I need a little bit of a break before it all really kicks off. Here's to a restful weekend!