Loose and Layered Casual Look

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IMG_6189Sweater: F21, Top: A&F, Shoes: TOMS, Necklace: Madewell (old)

With this wacky weather, I've found that layers are a girl's best friend. You know what I mean, East Coasters. One day we're almost 70 and then the next day we're bundled up like the abominable snowman. At school we've had two fire drills, one was coats-on and the other was coats optional. Half of the kids show up with a light jacket while the rest are sweating it out at recess in a down comforter. One of the little boys told me that he was sweating so much that it felt like he peed his pants. Thanks for sharing...

I wore this outfit last Saturday as we ran around doing errands and Christmas shopping. Even though the sweater has short sleeves and is fairly light, it kept me nice and warm but not too warm as we ran around the mall and in and out of the stores. When I first put this outfit on though I kind of felt like a well-swathed Jersey housewife but I quickly remedied that with a trusty Madewell necklace. Madewell is fantastic but kind of out of my budget so I was thrilled when I went in one time to find a bunch of accessories on super sale and this necklace was one thing I scooped up. Plus I matched it up to my red Toms so what could be better?

Two outfit posts in a week is not like me but I'm kind of in to it. I hope you enjoy the background; this is the patio at my apartment and probably will be the location for many more shoots to come. I swear I'll be updating more about my life, though I have probably made this promise a few times too often. A quick update would be: job hunting like crazy, working like crazy, moving my elf on the shelf around the classroom, celebrating Nick's birthday tomorrow (he's getting up there!), and trying to squeeze some seasonal things in here and there. I'm contemplating a "Currently" post, too overdone?