Rusty Red Tights for Fall

IMG_6196 IMG_6201

IMG_6194dress: gap (old), tights: target, boots: dsw (old), necklace: vintage

I am so boring on the weekends, I only want to wear one thing: jeans. This outfit came to me in a burst of inspiration because I just couldn't be boring and wear jeans again. Thank you, Target, for your crazy colored tight section where I can get all colors of the rainbow. When I was in high school and we had an almost annual dress-up-in-what-high-school-girls-think-eighties-fashion-is day, I bought a pair of bright neon pink tights there. Those are long gone but I snatched up these much more manageable rust red colored ones. And I must also thank my mom for cleaning out her closet and giving me huge piles of clothes to choose from. My dress was pulled out of the pile and it is seriously comfortable. Anybody else thinking of rocking some turtlenecks this cold weather season?

The holidays are fast approaching but thankfully all of my holiday shopping is done. Now I can relax and enjoy the season. Some of our upcoming plans are visiting all of the Christmas trees in Philadelphia, Christmas cookie baking, and watching some holiday classics. I feel like getting ready for Christmas is rush, rush, rush but I'm trying to slow the pace down and come up with plenty of fun things to do before it's all over. I can't wait to share some photos from my holiday adventures!