One Word in 2013

Last year I picked my first ever word for the year: possible. The whole idea of picking one word to reflect on for the year was inspired by Michelle Ward of When I Grow Up who wrote a post about it last year. Now I know she's not the originator of this concept but her post was the kick in the pants I needed to boil my hopes and dreams down to one word for 2012. I used this year's word "possible" as a part of my day to day reflections. It was really helpful when things started to get tough, first with student teaching and then with my job search over the summer. It came in helpful again when I was in those first few chaotic weeks of teaching and nothing seemed to be going right. I would stop and think "possible, possible, possible" over and over in my head to remind myself that, this year, this moment, anything is possible. It was amazing to have the constant inspiration and motivation from this one word. One word can be a powerful thing. As the year is winding down, I've been thinking about my one word for 2013. Going into the new year, things aren't going to be easy without a job so I know I need to pick a word that is going to push me through it. I wish I could pick "possible" again but I feel like I need something fresh and new for the new year's adventures. After thinking about what I wanted my year to be about and what I'd like to reflect on for the next 12 months, I chose:


This one word will be perfect for my new year. I am a creative person but I feel like I spend so much time running around and worrying about who knows what that I never take the time to actually use those creative juices. I want to create things this year whether it's knit things or drawing (which I've drifted away from and want to get back to) or new blog posts as I try to be a more diligent and faithful blogger. The other part of this big word for 2013 is to create things that can't be touched. I want to create opportunities for myself, for my students, for the special people in my life. I want to create experiences that I will remember and I want to create possibility in my life. This will be the perfect word for 2013 and I know it will keep me going as the year goes on.

So there you have it, my one word for 2013 is create. I am so excited to create more in my life and have an amazing new year. Do you have one word for your new year?