Goals for a New Year, Let's Go 2013!

Happy New Year! I hope you're reading this post after properly saying good-bye to 2012 and spending the first day of 2013 relaxing and enjoying a delicious breakfast like me. Blogging to bring in the new year wouldn't be complete with my resolutions or, as I like to call them, goals for the year.

I kind of had a difficult time picking my goals this time. It wasn't that I didn't have an idea of what I want to accomplish in the next 12 months; it's that there seems to be so much that I wanted to get it right. I always make big plans but life gets in the way and I never get a chance to follow through. Last year's goals were open-ended. That's the way I like them because they feel more attainable without strict rules and parameters. I did really well on two of those goals: work harder and focus more. 2012 was definitely a year of hard work when it came to my career and I'm proud of my accomplishments that came from all that hard work. I have made good impressions on all the people I worked for and learned a lot. I was also much better at focusing than I have been in the past. I set mini goals for myself, my blog, my work and did my best to achieve them (and most of the time it happened though I wasn't perfect). The goals I set that I feel I didn't do my best with were developing healthier habits and doing more for others. While Nick said that I did achieve my goal of doing more for others by becoming a teacher that does her best to go above and beyond, I really meant for that goal to be doing something that wasn't my day job. I want to be a community member that makes a difference and I feel like I had a hard time making this happen because I was so focused on myself and making my life better. I'd like to do better in 2013 and I know that thinking about others will be tough as I try to get my life all sorted out but I'll try harder. I also know I did not do my best with my healthier habits initiative but Nick and I are going to resolve that one by working together to get our behinds in gear. So after reviewing my goals and accomplishments from last year, I wanted to be mindful as I picked three new goals for this year:

1. Write more: I believe that I've written here and there on this blog about how much I enjoy writing. It has always been my preferred creative medium ever since I could pick up a pencil and string words together (thanks, Mrs. Ciafone!). I started to keep a journal for my 25 before 26 but kind of let it trickle off. Unacceptable! This year I'd like to carve out more time for writing. I want to be even more specific and have it be offline writing. As much as I want to create content for my blog, I think I'm a more interesting writer and person for cultivating my real life writing skills. I also want to delve further into different forms of writing, something I'm always pushing on my students and need to take more seriously myself. Here's to a year of writing!

2. Be more intentional about every day: another one of my broad goals for a new year but one I believe is very important to achieve. With the chaos of my first year in the classroom, I felt that this fall was run on autopilot many days. It's hard to admit that a lot of days were finished without being acknowledged because I was busy living for 3:30, 4:30, tomorrow, the weekend or some other day that wasn't this moment right now. I want to spend my day actually living in it and acknowledging it for its greatness as being THIS DAY. I'm really excited and hopeful that I will be able to make the most of 2013 by living with intention.

3. Try something new every month: I threw this goal in because it makes me smile. Variety is the spice of life and I love my spices! I do try new things every once in awhile but knowing that I have to have a new experience once a month will be awesome and help with the above goal of living with intention. I haven't given myself any rules for this goal so "something new" can be anything: trying a new restaurant, learning a new knitting stitch, completing a DIY, working on a new cooking technique. The possibilities are endless and it's very exciting!

I'm really proud of the goals I've made for this new year and I'm ready today to get started. Don't you just love new beginnings? And now I want to know, if you want to share, what are your goals or resolutions for this new year?