My 365: #thingsilovetoday

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I've jumped on a lot of blogging bandwagons like choosing one word for my year, monthly challenges (way back in the day) and, of course, I love my outfit posts. They're fun and predictable but sometimes they can be exhausting. That's exactly what I thought about when I started to see the title "365 Project" popping up on my Bloglovin' feed.

I think it's awesome that bloggers are able to make time for life-enriching projects like weekly sewing projects and weekly self-improvement initiatives. But most times I'm reading them and getting exhausted. When the fifth one pops up in an evening of blog reading, I start to think, not that again...I love my projects, instagram round-ups and predictability as much as the next reader but sometimes it just makes you tired.

Now let's get to this 365 project that has been popping up around the web. For 2013, it seems every blogger has adopted the initiative to have a mini project each and every day. I thought this was a really great idea until almost every single person decided to make it a photo-a-day project. This is great for the reader because I love checking out some awesome photos. But it did not inspire me to start my own 365 project. I can never remember to take a photo each day and if I do remember, I'll end up taking a pictures of my feet or a plate or something equally boring (hmmm, 25 before 26, oh no...). So instead of thinking outside the box, I dismissed the idea.

I stopped thinking about it just long enough to read through a million articles about the new year, new you. Most of them hinted at keeping a gratitude journal or list. I used to love doing this through college but got out of the habit once I graduated (which turns out is the time you need to remember your blessings the most). I do want to write more but honestly can't see myself keeping another journal. After a little bit of thinking, I decided to incorporate modern technology.

My 365 project will be to express my daily gratitude and happiness by listing it on Twitter under #thingsilovetoday. Gala Darling and Kaelah and a bunch of other bloggers do Things I Love Thursday so I'm not going to be posting much about this project on my blog. It'll be a short, sweet tweet to let the world know what has me smiling today. Please consider joining along; I'd love to see what you're loving each and every day!