A Little Update on 25 Things Before 26

I'd been planning on posting an update about my 25 things before 26 since we're halfway through my 25th year. Wow! I can hardly believe it. It seems like 25 is going by so fast and I need to try harder to appreciate it all.

Before I run down the list of things I have accomplished thus far, let me just say that I'm not so sure about this challenge anymore. I decided to give it a try this year because it'd always looked like fun when I read it on other blogs. But the thing is, I am just not making enough time or making it enough of a priority to actually get things done. Maybe I chose things that aren't achievable or things that I actually want to make a priority deep down. I don't know but I am going to see what else I can accomplish off this list without holding myself accountable for it all. Just a no-stress fun when-I-get-around-to-it thing.

1. Learn to crochet and make something - DONE! And I'm not a crocheter...but I'll share the little project I made later

2. Visit at least five different museums - working on it...visited at least one...

3. Donate my time to something meaningful

4. Host a party - yes, Nick's birthday, but thinking a bigger, better party might need to happen

5. Create and maintain a side job for money - check out my etsy shop please!

6. Become better at letting myself relax - work in progress

7. Try being a vegetarian for one week

8. Thrift at least one outfit per season - not into anymore

9. Finish one piece of writing

10. Buy a DSLR

11. Create a scrapbook - I need to finish up our SMASH notebook/scrapbook from this summer

12. Create my own recipe - I have made so many new things since moving into our apartment. I'll have to write one down and put it up; I do so much "a pinch of this, a pinch of that" that I need to write down some measurements

13. Visit somewhere new (city, country, major attraction)

14. Purchase a piece of artwork

15. Make a pie

16. Make three pieces of jewelry

17. Read Stephen King's On Writing

18. Go all out when celebrating a holiday - I'm thinking about doing Dr. Seuss's birthday (I am a teacher after all...) but I'm open to suggestions

19. Do one month of crazy nail designs - definitely made this before launching into teaching. Going to be a no go on this one

20. Try a beer cocktail

21. Maintain a consistent skincare routine - purchased a Neutrogena New Wave on a whim and I must say I don't hate it. Now I just have to stick with it

22. Write letters at least once a month - this one got away from me

23. Take a photo every day - started this in the summer then school happened. So kinda?

24. Learn a dance routine

25. Keep a journal of my 25th year - so far a big success and I love it. Writing with a pen and a notebook is my fave