Right Now, I am...

IMG_5645 Listening...to Elvis Duran and the Morning show on my iPhone with the iHeartRadio app. I am not a big app person; I'm always putting my phone somewhere and am very conscious of being on my phone in public (unlike pretty much everyone everywhere). But I downloaded this app for the fun of it because I miss really good country music stations, the kind you can only get down South. I was using the app to listen to stations in Texas and Georgia then I remembered that I could listen to Elvis Duran too. I haven't listened to his show in forever because I live right around the corner from work and had been missing it. Not anymore!

Reading...Beautiful Creatures, still. I started reading it because I saw a preview for the movie and thought, why not? Well, it's not terrible but it isn't as engaging as other silly teen romance/paranormal/crazy books. I'm almost finished though and the drama's kicking up a little bit. I can't wait to move on to my next read, Where'd You Go Bernadette. There's been lots of buzz on the internet so I have high expectations.

Making...a new scarf for my Etsy shop. Right now I only have small pouches and sunglass cases in my Etsy shop but I'm trying to beef it up and show off all I have to offer. Get ready!

Deciding...to have more art projects. A part of me thinks "yea, that's just what I need, more projects" but most of me has decided that I love art and I miss making it and I need it to be back in my life. I found a cute print out and colored it in with my colored pencils on a quiet night before turning on my shows. It was awesome and now I've decided that I'm going to recreate that experience more and more.

Hoping...that all of my hard work will pay off sooner rather than later. That's kind of a big "hoping" but that's the honest truth. I've been subbing like crazy, building my reputation as a fab teacher, and working my way into being an invaluable member of the teaching staff. I believe in myself, now I just have to show off all my amazing talents to get that perfect job. Then I can start planning my perfect polka dotted classroom.

Planning...to pick up and renew a few neglected blog series. With the hectic life of a newbie teacher and just the overall worry of the end of 2012, my blog life shifted and this space fell to the wayside. Of course things are a lot more easy-going now but I also spruced it up a bit with a name change and shaping my little online home into something more me and more awesome. That being said, I do miss some of my series like Good Eats and Books that Inspires. I'm not sure if these are the most popular posts but I love repping some of my favorite restaurants in the Philly/New Jersey area and sharing some feel-good reads.

*This post series is inspired by Dani Hampton of Sometimes Sweets "Currently" posts