Right Now, I am...

Listening...to samples on iTunes. New music makes my world go 'round and I'm looking for some new music to get me pumped up to make it through the rest of these long, cold winter days.

Reading...Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. This book has been touted by many a blogger and I finally picked up a copy for myself. It's been such a great read and I'm almost finished. I keep wanting to take a day off just to finish it!

Making...plans for one of my besties's birthday. We were reminiscing this weekend about birthdays of the past and she mentioned that her 16th birthday (which I helped plan) was her last favorite birthday. It's a decade later and we need to remedy this situation quick! Epic plans are being made, along with a signature tagline and funky shirts. I call this girl my sister and this is exactly why.

Deciding...to make more of my relationships. It's been pretty boring around here and, as they say, variety is the spice of life. What better way to make life spicy by making new friends and spending time with old ones? Anything to vary the routine must be done ASAP!

Hoping...to spend more time making art in the coming months. For Valentine's Day, on my limited budget, I decided to make a sketch from a picture of Nick and I to give him as a present. It was certainly a challenge for my limited drawing skills but I like the creative process. There was such a soothing feeling to doing this kind of work with its mind/body connection. It's been a goal for awhile now to make art a part of my life but I'm hoping that I can make a greater push in the next few months.

Planning...a summer full of concerts! Summer is hands-down the best time for concert-going and I usually try to make it to at least one, as long as someone I like is playing. Last year we went to see Lady Antebellum and fun. in the late spring but didn't really see anyone we liked coming through. This summer is a different story as ton of artists we really like are coming to Philly to one of my favorite venues, the Mann Center. We have already snatched up fun. and She&Him tickets and the Postal Service (!!!) tickets go on sale tomorrow. I've been longing looking at my bin of summer clothes and dreaming up perfect summer concert outfits.