Right Now, I am...

IMG_0378 Listening...to the Flyers game. Thank goodness hockey season is back because I don't know what our little home would be without the hockey season. I didn't grow up a big hockey fan but Nick has converted me. Plus I have to like the Flyers because I will never like the Phillies and I could take or leave the Eagles. I'm kind of a fickle sports fan if you didn't already guess.

Reading...lots of teaching-related articles and loving the extra time I have to immerse myself in some professional development. It's always interesting to read how others teach, taking notes, and using it to enhance my own practice.

Making...desserts, desserts, and more desserts! With my post about Termini Bros. I divulged my secret about my big sweet tooth. I've been indulging it recently with a trip to one of the best local ice cream shops and experimented with a box cheesecake from Jello and some homemade strawberry topping. I love making desserts of any kind and I've been dreaming up some layer cake ideas...after I finish all the dessert already stashed in my fridge!

Deciding...to make a commitment to eating and acting healthier. I have been working on cutting back on soda in my diet (a fairly successful venture thus far) but I need to make even more changes. One would probably be not making those desserts I mentioned above! But I know I also need to be more active and I'm thinking of renewing my commitment to more yoga. I like it, I can do it at home in my small apartment and I always feel good afterwards.

Hoping...to buy more books! I love to read so I'm always looking for some new good reads. I recently finished Hoda Kotb's Ten Years Later (post to come!) and have started a murder mystery/thriller. I'm squeezing a little bit more out of my budget for some new good reads.

Planning...a weekend with my best friends. What could be better?