Eats: Halo Pub

IMG_0465 Most of my Good Eats posts have focused on restaurants I've visited in Philly. As much as I love exploring great eateries in the city of brotherly love, I have to admit there are some pretty good places in my neck of the woods. I'm very excited to present to you a great place for some delicious ice cream right here in my great state: Halo Pub. Nick and I decided to do a cheap date night which meant dinner at home followed by a quick trip down the road to Halo Pub in Hamilton Square. Growing up in Princeton, I used to grab a scoop and hang out with friends in their cozy downtown outpost. I feel very lucky that, even though I moved, I'm not far from their second location. We each grabbed two scoops in a cup; mine was my favorite Halo flavor, plain M&Ms, and Nick chose mint cookies and cream, another excellent flavor. It was quiet there for about 15 minutes before the after dinner rush started shuffle in and join us at the farmhouse tables.


Halo Pub is the classic ice cream parlor with a perfect farmhouse flair. This is no Baskin Robbins: all of the ice cream is churned locally at their New Jersey farms and sold in their two parlors (one in Princeton and one in Hamilton Square, NJ) and in a larger-than-life barn/retail store in Trenton that also sells their other dairy products and local food goods. They offer all sorts of flavors though, everything from Chocolate Chocolate Almond to Raspberry Peach to Cookie Dough. Soft serve is also available as is frozen yogurt, if you want to be healthy and all. But the weather, it's so cold outside, you say. Well, don't worry because Halo Pub also pours a mean cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or hot cider. Nothing could be better than the price though: ice cream will usually only cost you around $2.


The homegrown, small batch, local and cheap goodness is one part of what makes you want to visit all the time. The other part is the adorable Hamilton parlor that makes the whole experience feel more like you're having ice cream in your cow-obsessed granny's farmhouse. As my last visit was at night, it was rather dark and I had trouble capturing the crazy cow memorabilia that adorns the walls along with figurines resting in hutches. Hanging from the ceiling you'll find old kitchen utensils and small farming implements. There are plenty of small cafe tables and benches to hang out on and scoop up your ice cream.

If you want the true, local New Jersey ice cream experience, I highly recommend Halo Pub. It's a great place for groups or a date and you'll never regret any of their flavors. With the weather slowly heating up around here, it's time to go!

Halo Pub

Hamilton Square: 4617 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square, NJ

Princeton: 9 Hulfish Street, Princeton, NJ