Right Now, I am...

IMG_0086[1] Reading...The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon. It's an intriguing book about a young girl, now woman, affected by a serial killer and the disappearance of her mother. I like to try books a little bit out of my usual type and this one certainly fits the bill. Unfortunately, I haven't really gotten into it but hopefully spring break will be the perfect time to dive on in.

Listening...to new tunes on my iPod. I hooked it up to Nick's computer and stole a bunch of music like the Black Keys, Matt and Kim, the Boxer Rebellion, and Steel Train. I love getting some new music to spice up my weekday drives.

Watching...Dirty Dancing! I am sad that my Thursday shows are not on but super excited about watching Dirty Dancing. I watched this at least three times a year during college and, while it's not my all-time favorite, it's up there on the list. Love the music, love the moves, love the ridiculous lines, it's all amazing. I might just have to get a pair of high-waisted cut-offs, tie my button-down around my waist and sport some Keds.

Deciding...to work out more. Last time it was eating healthy and now it's working out. Spring's here and that means summer is right around the corner. I plan on spending plenty of time down the shore from May to September so I better get going!

Hoping...to find some new books to add to my spring break reading list. I've been neglecting reading lately and I want to get back in the habit. Any and all recommendations are welcomed!

Planning...out what I need for my new third grade classroom. I'm getting excited for my move to third grade, even though I miss my kindergartners a lot. I've been on the lookout for things I can use with older elementary students and I am very excited for what's to come.