The Easy Way to Layer Sweaters


IMG_6561striped sweater, necklace: F21, cardigan: JCrew, jeans: Levi's

So this is me, on a Saturday. I kept trying to put together a cute outfit, an outfit that wasn't the boring jeans, shirt, moccasins kind. But then I gave in and said, hey, it's Saturday and I'm just going to be comfortable. And I think I look pretty darn cute too. I love my layers and two thin sweaters paired together make one pretty great layered team. But I will say that with the advent of Spring this week, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) warmer temperatures so I can move away from layers and coats and tights. Shorts, flowy blouses and flouncy skirts here I come!

It looks like it's going to be another chilly, stay-at-home, comfy clothes weekend. There will be a tiny bit of celebrating though because I finally have a job! I actually got two job offers, which is a lot more stressful than you think, and I chose to fill a maternity leave position in the third grade for the rest of the school year. My intention is to finish out the school year and then keep job searching for my forever classroom over the summer. Despite the setbacks, I have no doubt it happen for me. Plus one of my cool fourth graders told me he's going to miss me, except he won't miss having to stay after school. I told him the feeling was mutual. Got to love the life of a teacher...