Like My Look? Shop My Closet!

threadflippostIt's no secret that I love clothes. Clothes are my wearable art and I love adding new pieces to my wardrobe and styling them in new and different outfits. Well, after awhile, the closet starts to get a little crammed. Without unlimited closet space, I eventually have to cull the clothes and clear out our walk-in closet. Yes, I am able to clutter up a walk-in closet...and one half of a dresser...and 3/4 of the shelves in our closet...and a large storage bin holding my Summer clothes. Before you start shaking your head at my clothing addiction (and I'll argue that I've seen bloggers who are worse!), check out my wonderful solution: my closet on Threadflip.

Threadflip is an awesome website I stumbled upon when searching "sell your clothes online." I knew I didn't want to go the overcrowded eBay route and I don't have enough vintage duds for an Etsy shop. So Threadflip is the perfect option: it lets you upload clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories to your "closet" for sale in a beautiful, Pinterest-like format and these items can be "flipped" or purchased by other users. The upload process is incredibly easy and situated all on one page and, get this, include shipping in the price of your item and Threadflip sends you the packing materials and shipping label. Score!

I am super excited for my new closet/shop on Threadflip. Please check it out and consider purchasing some of my gently loved duds, some of which have been featured right here on the blog!

This is not a sponsored post for Threadflip, they have no idea who I am beyond being a user, but it is a post asking you to check out my closet!