Winter Work Wear in a Suede Ruffled Skirt

IMG_6568shirt: gap, skirt via mom, booties: american eagle, tights: target

Oh I know the title proclaims that I am wearing "winter lace" and this is most definitely a winter outfit and everyone is tired of the whole season. Sorry but this is one of my last winter outfits taken right before Spring break and I loved it so much I couldn't resist sharing. The skirt is gifted from my mom as she cleans out her closet and it's one I've always wanted. The lace-like cutouts make it super feminine while the suede fabric toughens it up a bit. I included my favorite circle necklace because I was feeling shapes for the day. This is typical work wear for me, even though co-workers are always asking me how I run around the classroom in heels. To be honest, I don't know but I love have loved these booties to death for two winters now and they are just perfect for the work week or the weekends. Also I'll suffer through a day in heels if I love the way they look but don't spread that around.

Now that it is officially Spring and starting to feel like it, I am all about planning ways to get me out of the house. I tried to save a few bucks this Winter so that Nick and I could get our butts out of the apartment and be outside once the last traces of snow were off the radar. We are planning a few upcoming day trips, including one to Brooklyn prompted by a newspaper article my grandma gave me. Everyone seems to know my adventurous spirit so well! We're adding every day to "Nick and Kendall's Spring Adventure List" and the excitement is high around here. What kind of plans are you making as the weather warms up?