Right Now I am...

Reading...lots of new-to-me blogs and I absolutely love my discoveries. There are a lot of "big" bloggers out there who have thousands and thousands of followers and book deals and big brand sponsorships and they do a great job being full time bloggers. But there's something to be said about the bloggers in the middle and the smaller bloggers. I find that I connect better to them and I learn something new and discover more about the world through their unique perspective. Some of my recent finds are: Betsey Transatlantically, we took the road less traveled, Hang on, HoneyThe Tiny Heart, and The Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure. Great job ladies!

Listening...to the new She & Him single. I can't wait to see them this summer!

Watching...Parks and Rec tonight. Thanks to Nick I can also watch it in my spare time since he got seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas. We watched season 1 pretty quickly but life got busy and there are still a few discs left from season 2. I love Leslie Knoppe and Ron Swanson and pretty much the whole department. It's the perfect show to brighten any day.

Making...new recipes for dinner. I've kind of been in a cooking rut lately, relying too much on easy and reliable meals. But I'm getting back into the swing of things, finding new recipes and trying things out, with stellar results. Cooking delicious food makes me happy.

Deciding...which DSLR camera to buy! After years of wanting a manual camera, it is finally time to take the plunge. I know having a DSLR is a big blogger thing but I've wanted this camera long before blogging was a part of my life. I took photography in high school and fell in love with everything about it, even though my classes focused on dark room development with only one touching on Photoshop. My school let us borrow cameras all year long if we were taking the class and I brought it everywhere and I captured fantastic photos from trips to Seattle and Portland and France. I can't to get back to practicing with a manual setting camera. I love my old point-and-shoot but I'm ready to step it up.

Planning...my May blogging calendar. Since I start full time teaching again in a little less than two weeks (!!!), I'm trying to get organized so things like my blog don't get forgotten in the shuffle. I might not have a lot of free time for blogging but I know that a set schedule with post ideas will help me out a lot.

Hoping...the warm weather stays for good. This week I changed my closet over from fall/winter to spring/summer and it's like going on a shopping spree. Look at all those beautiful clothes in such bright colors! I just want to get dressed in them so weather better cooperate.