Slow Blogging...My Way

You may not have noticed the couple of missed posts here recently or would think it's odd for me to say that it's been quiet around here. The thing is I have only missed two posts since I started full time teaching again three weeks ago and I've been pumping out a lot of stuff. But that's just it: it's just stuff or filler. As I have been getting back in the swing of having a "real" job and a busy one at that, I've been thinking more about where blogging fits into my life. I originally started my blog almost 4 years ago as a kind of advice blog thing-y...actually I had no clear picture of what I wanted to accomplish. I figured I'd start typing and it would work itself out as I go. The process has been pretty much what I thought it would be with a learning curve and some dud posts and some great posts along the way. I've evolved a lot since my very first post talking about my love for a particular part of Philly. I have been all over the place with my focus as these years of blogging have gone by. I've been trying to figure out how to fit in a blogging life with real life.

Having had a job, gone through grad school, and now having a career (however unknown my future may be), I feel like I am more settled and can cast a more discerning eye on this blog. It's been quite a hodge podge of things and that has made it hard to keep up with on top of work and to think of what I'm going to write. I can be quite honest and say that I have tried to be too much and tried to be too much like other bloggers who focus on branding and brand-building.

The thing I've come to realize about this blog is that it's just about me and that's okay. I like to photograph my outfits and write about the fun things I do over the weekend and profile restaurants I think are fun and delicious. I give advice to my friends in real life but that is not my main focus. I like to shop but I am not made of money so my outfits are always going to be "remixes" and I am not going to be able to jot out a post about the best new online shopping places. As I continue blogging, the things that I've been trying to make happen because they're popular in the "blogosphere" will probably disappear. I am even contemplating taking down posts from the past that I am not proud of as part of spring cleaning my corner of the internet. I want to show me here on buttons and blossoms, exactly in the way I see me.

This is what I call in my head "slow blogging." I will slow down and just be me. I will just write for me. I'll focus on me. This doesn't mean I'm going to be lazy about posting. In fact, I hope that my renewed focus on "me" instead of on "blogging" will mean that I'll actually be good at blogging and post more with better things to say.

I have talked many times on here about how things are going to change, blah, blah, blah. But this time it's not really a change that's coming but just more, just different, just better. So thanks for reading and get ready for more!