Right Now, I am...


Reading...Once Upon a List by Robin Gold. In an effort to get myself back on the reading wagon, I bought this and Silver Linings Playbook. I have been horribly neglecting books lately in favor of blogs and teaching books. There's nothing wrong with reading these but I need some actual honest-to-goodness reading like I'm always telling my students to do. With the summer rolling closer, reading will (hopefully) worm its way back into my life and I think this "chick lit" book is the perfect way to do it. 

Listening...to the wind in the leaves. The greenery is back in Jersey! I love seeing everything bloom and I love seeing green out my living room window. It's our first Spring and Summer in our apartment and I love the way the little group of trees outside our window have become a mini forest.

Watching...the series finale of The Office. I've been off and on about the show throughout the years but there's no denying this is a great comedy. Reading Kate of scathingly brilliant's post about attending the Wrap Party in Scranton got me all psyched for tonight's whole production. Nick and I will be kicking back and watching the whole thing from the look back to the final episode. 

Deciding...to get more sleep! Lately I've been trying to go to bed a little bit earlier so I can diminish these dark circles under my eyes and get some more pep in my step. This will be part of implementing some more "healthy" living tricks into my every day. I'm also deciding to have some fun with my students finally since state testing is over! I'm not sure how they did but they told me they did their best. The only thing I'm sad about with tests being over is taking down my awesome hallway display.


Planning...my outfits for this weekend which is my brother's graduation from college! Four years have gone by so quickly and I can't wait to see my brother get his diploma this weekend. His school does a whole mess of things from a mass to an awards ceremony to the actual graduation ceremony so multiple outfits are needed of course. I opted out of buying something new in favor of digging through my large dress collection. Seriously it takes up nearly half of our walk-in closet. 

Hoping...for the next week or so to go by really quickly because I get an extra long Memorial Day weekend. Due to the schedule being messed up because of Hurricane Sandy in the fall, my district over-compensated for snow days and since we didn't get any snow, we have a few extra days lying around. That means I get off Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off. This also means I'm hoping that the weather stays warm because all I'm thinking is beach, beach, beach!