My Brother's Graduation

My younger brother graduated from Villanova, a college outside of Philly, this past weekend and it was such a wonderful family-filled weekend. It was also an extremely rainy weekend and it included a lot of ponchos. Despite the change of venues on Saturday and then the light mist/drizzle during the commencement on Sunday, we made it through and had quite a bit of fun anyway. One of my favorite photos from the day is of the stands after the graduation. Everybody just discarded their ponchos in their seats and took off! I'm not going to lie: I was really miserable sitting out in the rain watching the commencement speaker talk for a good ten minutes about his political achievements (um, what about the men and women graduating?!). But then, when they tossed their caps in the air, I was right back at my graduation day in the moment I realized that I did it. Aw, I wish I was back there.

Graduating from college is an amazing achievement and I am so proud of my brother for all his accomplishments thus far and for his promising future ahead.