The first weekend of June

I feel like the month that your birthday is in is a magical month, just packed full of magical things. Rarely, if ever, am I disappointed by something that happens during my birth month. Maybe that's because I was born in June and this is a stellar month: hello, it's the start of summer! This year is no exception as my birthday month kicked off with a weekend full of fun things: 1. My brother is now home from college, a proud graduate, and will start his first job in the "real world" next week. I got a chance to hang out with him for my first event of Philly Beer Week at Uno's.

IMG_10442. As I mentioned, Philly Beer Week started and will go through next Sunday. It's the biggest in the country, which makes sense as Philly has a really big beer scene with lots of local breweries. Blame it on all the Germans that settled in Pennsylvania, it's a whole lot of fun to celebrate the diversity of flavors that you can find in beer in nowadays. Plus it's a whole lot of fun to attend beer-centered events. On Saturday, we went to a few events around Old City and Northern Liberties. Nick and I finally checked out the balcony/patio at Standard Tap and loved it (despite the 90 degree temperatures).

Sunday was another day down in Philly but this time in the Art Museum area at Kite and Key. They called it Franklintown Throwdown and it was a whole competition between various breweries. There was some really good beers (an apricot and raspberry one was so dangerously delicious) and we had some equally tasty food. The two days were the perfect way to start a fun week of events.



IMG_11283. On Sunday, before we went to celebrate more of the beer week festivities, we went to the Brooklyn Flea in Philly at the Piazza. The Piazza is basically a big semi-enclosed square with restaurants and shops around it and apartments above. The developer who recently bought it is from NYC and thought it would be a good idea to bring the very popular Brooklyn Flea to the Piazza. He is pretty right because it was packed with people despite it being ridiculously humid and 90 at noon. It was lots of fun with pretty antiques and lots of industrial/thrifted items for sale. Since it was so hot, I didn't take a lot of pictures, just focused on being there and seeing what was for sale. The only item I found that I really had to have (I'm trying to be good and save for the future) was a beautiful jadeite measuring cup. If jadeite wasn't so popular and expensive, I would have a huge collection. This measuring cup is just fine for now though. The great thing about the Brooklyn Flea in Philly is that it will be back every Sunday through the summer and into the fall. I know where I'll be on Sundays...


IMG_1098As always, June is starting out as a magical month and there are plenty more fun days planned. Up next, my birthday!