Straw Hat and Beach Vibes


IMG_1074shorts and sunglasses: F21, shirt via my mom, bag: kate spade, hat from puerto rico, necklace via etsy

In anticipation of my birthday weekend, I will post the outfit I wish I could be wearing. A big straw hat, a sweet top, and my comfiest pair of white shorts...ahhhh. But unfortunately a tropical low is blowing up the East Coast and it looks like there is very little sun to be had this weekend. I'm kind of depressed because I have been dying to head down the shore again but it seems that my birthday weekend will not be a good time for that. So instead I'll have to pick something else, though right now snuggling in bed sounds like a good option. 

It seems like the weeks of school are dragging even though there's plenty to get done. The kids are ready to be out of school and us teachers are feeling just the same. Sometimes while I'm wading through papers to grade, I think about how much better it would be to stretched out by a pool somewhere. Enough of the stress, more sweet treats and summer breeze. There are only ten more days and then I'll get a little break before digging into prep for next year! But for now, I'll just take a little sunshine, please?