The Postal Service Concert

Way back in the cold winter-y month of February, Nick and I bought tickets to three summer concerts. It seemed like the summer would never be here and the concerts were so far off. But now it's the summer and it's officially concert time! Last Monday Nick and I went to our first concert of the season and it was the best one: the Postal Service. If any of you are Postal Service fans then you know that they haven't toured in ten years so getting a chance to see them play live is basically a dream. I discovered them in college and was hooked instantly on the weird electronic beat thing they've got going on. As soon as they announced that they would be playing the Mann Center in Philly, Nick and I clicked buy tickets and waited and waited for last Monday night to happen.

Since the Postal Service only has one album and came out with a few new songs for the tour, I knew all the songs which I personally think is the best part of going to a concert. I just don't understand standing there and watching the band. Get up and dance and sing! Or if you're the people behind me, dance, sing, and smoke a lot.


Ra Ra Riot opened



I only took a few pictures because I was too busy dancing. Also it's hard to take good pictures from far away without a crazy camera but I captured a few to remember the amazing summer night. The sound at the Mann was crystal clear and it was such a great experience hearing the songs that I've loved for so long. As I was singing along to "Brand New Colony", I felt thankful to be young and happy and just so excited for the summer. It was the best feeling in the world to be there on a cool summer night. One concert down and one more to go!