Try Something New: the World Sand Scultping Championship

In case you don't remember, one of my goals for this year is to try something new each month. I've been pretty successful having new experiences every month and documenting them here on the ol' blog. So far I believe I have only missed May so far which is pretty good by my standards of being a blogging slacker. I was afraid that I would be missing out in June too because my life had been consumed with the mundane: beach, cleaning around the house, finishing up the school year, etc. It seemed as if nothing exciting or new was ever going to happen in June and my birthday month was going to go out having done the same old, same old. Until I happened to be watching the local news and found out that the World Champion Sand Sculpting competition was being held in Atlantic City. I also found out that it is actually a worldwide event and only visits the United States every few years. So I convinced Nick to take a day off and we took some back roads down to Atlantic City. You cannot believe the amazing things we found once we made our way through the hazy casino and out to the beach right across from Caesar's. This is not your molded bucket sandcastles that somehow always managed to crumble as soon as you wanted someone to see it. These are works of art, created without molds, by hand, that look both delicate and solid at the same time. There were quite a few sandcastles in the mix with intricate towers and winding staircases but mostly they created these crazy beautiful sculptures with sand and a little bit of water.






my elegant is this?!




I am so glad we went down to Atlantic City to check it out because I'm not sure we'll ever have this opportunity again. What was the most amazing thing to me was experiencing a whole new artistic medium in something I see every summer. I will always be the art history girl who loves to see the world in new ways and this definitely did that for me. I am still in awe of the way these artists manipulated the most mundane of things like sand into sculptures worthy of any museum. I would love to say I'm going to try this some day soon but I know I could never make anything more than a wet drip sand tower! It was definitely a great new experience for June.