Happies and Crappies #4

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up I just realized it's been almost a month since I did a "Happies and Crappies" link-up post. Better get on it! Doing a Happies and Crappies post is one of my favorite ways to update people on my life in an easier and more fun way than a looong post. So here goes!


* I have been on a three week staycation since the end of the school year. Think sleeping in, catching up on blogging, seeing friends, baking, going to the beach, pretty much anything that is fun and amazing about having unlimited time off  and I've done it. I have also consumed way too much crappy TV but I am committing to buy and borrowing plenty of books and starting my summer reading ASAP.

* Concerts! The best part about summer for me is going to concerts and I'm super lucky to be going to three. I know there are people out there who go to music festivals and twenty concerts or more over the summer but I'm really happy that Nick and I have three really good concerts to go to. We went to see the Postal Service a few weeks back and saw She & Him on Tuesday night. Both concerts were amazing since they were at the Mann Center, an amphitheater in West Philly. Next up is fun. in one week!

* Nick and I booked a vacation! As you now know from yesterday's post, I love to travel. Nick and I weren't sure if travel was going to be in the budget this year with my unsteady employment and still feeling the after effects of moving in together with very little. But with a little smart saving and searching for the perfect fit of price and fun, we settled on a short trip out to Las Vegas in August. I've never been there and the last time Nick was there was about fifteen years ago so it'll be a lot of new sights for us!

* I've found lots of new, amazing blogs. The best part about staycation has been the oppressive heat which has forced me to stay inside which means lots of time to blog and read other people's blogs. Through some of my favorite follows, I've found even more favorite follows, some big and some small. I'm especially loving: first comes love, Kisses and Croissants, Back East Blonde, and High Cotton Blog.

* And one last really awesome Happy: I'm partnering up with thredUP.com for a week's worth of outfit posts! I am so excited to be partnering with this amazing, new website that offers upcycled clothing in all of my favorite brands at a fraction of the cost. Seriously, if you don't know thredUP, you should check it out and then stay tuned next week to see all the awesome outfits I created on a tiny budget. Get excited!


* I'm still not certain what next year might hold for me. I do have a teaching position in the same school district and will be teaching second grade but it's still a temporary position. It's nerve-wracking not knowing whether you'll ever have a long-term job.

* It's just too humid here in Jersey. I don't know if this is a legitimate crappy but I am tired of frizzy hair and dripping buckets of sweat every time I want to go do something.

* I really want to move my blog to a self-hosted platform and switch to wordpress.org software but I'm nervous about making the switch. I keep putting it off because I'm afraid that I will do something and lose nearly three years of blogging (even if the beginning stuff wasn't so great). I know I should go put my big girl blogger panties on and just do it but there's still part of me who has no idea what I'm doing when it comes to being a real blogger.

As always, check out the link-up hosted by the lovely Stephanie of The Vintage Modern Wife and Sarah of Scissors and a Whisk!