Bold Bottoms with thredUP

Let's say you want new, fashionable, and great quality clothes but you don't want to spend a whole lot. You could go to a budget chain or dig through the bins at your local thrift store but that takes a lot of time and you might not find exactly what you want. That's where comes in. thredUP is a resale website specializing in practically new mainstream brand apparel for kids and women. You'll find brands like Banana Republic, GAP, Ralph Lauren, and BCBG. Practically new means that there are NO signs of wear and tear and each item goes through a rigorous inspection by trained experts. The only difference between buying at the mall or at thredUP is that with thredUP you will save up to 80% off retail prices. I'm a big saver who loves to look good so I'm super excited to be showcasing some of my great finds from this week.  Go ahead and check them out! IMG_0361


top: white house black market c/o thredUP, skirt: simply vera by vera wang c/o thredup, shoes: f21, bangles: vintage bakelite

thredUP issued me an interesting challenge: could I wear nearly new clothing for a week? My response was easy: of course! I am by no means the typical fashion blogger: I'm not a big spender and I don't go shopping every week to showcase something new or trendy. I'm not sure if I'm even what you would call a fashion blogger! I guess you could say I'm a big remixer, meaning I love taking things from my closet and styling them in different ways to create many outfits. My philosophy is that a good piece of clothing will look great worn a million different ways. Well, not really a million, but you know what I mean. So I accepted thredUP's challenge and took it one step further: could I take high quality resale clothing items and stretch them into two amazing outfits?

The trick with finding an item of clothing that will go the extra (fashion) mile is to look for something classic and stylish. That doesn't mean it can't have little bit of special flair but it shouldn't be so different that you will regret wearing it in a few years. I knew I hit the jackpot when I saw the beautiful printed skirt from Simply Vera and it was in my thredUP cart faster than you can say score! The length is perfect for a garden party or for me to wear to school but the beautiful gold tone and eye-catching floral print make it unique. I chose a button-up halter top I never would have found had I not been perusing thredUP which is why I love this site. I'm not a body con fashionista but this top shows off my shape in just the right way plus I love the silhouette it creates tucked into my full skirt.

Since I loved the halter top and was reveling in wearing something new, I decided to stretch it into another fabulous outfit that has an equally unique bottom. Cue my polka dot pants! I adore these pants but they just don't get out of the closet as much as I'd like. I know that pairing them with this plain but sexy and form fitting top will get them noticed in a more subtle way. Though I have to say, am I really going to go there and say sexy? I never feel sexy but this top sure helps. Bonus points for finally getting this black floppy hat on my head!


sexy polka dots / buttons and blossoms

top: white house black market c/o thredUP, pants and shoes: f21, hat: american eagle

There you go, outfit one of my thredUP challenge! Stay tuned all this week to see my remixed items, all from