Right Now I am...

beer in a mason jar Reading...The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner. One of the awesome things about being a grown-up is getting to share things with my mom likes books and clothes (even though she is iffy about the clothes thing). Mom lent me this book and the last one I read. So far it's been pretty good, especially for the summer. I also follow Jennifer Weiner on twitter for her Bachelorette tweets, something I highly recommend.

Listening...to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. I used to get super into songs for the summer picking one that I would play on repeat until either September rolled around or I couldn't take it anymore. Past honorees have included a lot of Justin Timberlake. After hearing it on the radio one day, I knew that Robin Thicke's song was going to be my summer jam.

Watching...Season Two of Friday Night Lights. This was my all-time favorite show until it got cancelled. Its cancellation left a little hole in my life but thankfully Nick hadn't seen a single episode until I introduced him to its wonderfulness. It is so much fun to rediscover the show I love and relive all those moments I forgot.

Planning...what I'm going to do with the rest of my summer. Only a week and half left of camp (thank goodness) and then my days will be free and easy once again. There will be definitely be a lot of prep work for the coming school year but I am thinking that there should be plenty of time for beach trips and fun.

Hoping...the sun holds out for this weekend so that I can head down the Shore (what's new?) and enjoy some parties and bbqs with friends and family. I would also like it to be sunny with low humidity but that may be too much to ask in the mid-Atlantic.