Black Stripes and Pink Shorts

black and white tank pink shorts

black and white with pink fashiontank: gap (old), shorts: madewell, sandals: american eagle (old), necklace: anthropologie (old)

I get weird about certain color combinations, some I love and some I hate. Honestly I'm not a big fan of black and pink because it reminds me of crazy kids' clothing from places like Justice that I see on my students. But somehow I convinced myself to give it a try (mostly because I was bored with all my other ideas for what to wear) and I must say I like this combo. The top is a light knit which was perfect for the cooler weather we're having this August though what's up with that?! I am also in love with these Madewell shorts. I am a big jean short fan but they're kind of boring to style after awhile. Pretty pink shorts makes all the difference. And please forgive the blurry second photo. I have consulted with my photographer (aka Nick) and we're going to have some serious camera lessons asap!

Tonight Nick and I are taking it easy before a busy weekend. We will be driving four hours away to a family wedding in Pennsylvania tomorrow morning. I'm excited to wear my blue maxi dress out in the world for the first time. It'll be a lot of family time and celebrating and driving too. Besides that, things are just all around crazy here with the school year coming up and lots of changes that I'll have to tell you about next week. I really want to share some news but I have to wait until the middle of next week before I can. The anticipation is killing me! Hope you all have a great weekend!