Vegas Vacation Style

As you're reading this, I am (hopefully) sitting poolside in fabulous Las Vegas. With all the ups and downs of planning this supposed-to-be-simple trip, I didn't really think ahead about what I was going to wear. If you know me, that sounds impossible because I am nothing if not an overzealous planner. So while I threw a few random outfits in my suitcase before heading out the door, I was crazy enough to take some time on polyvore and plan out some dream outfits. Sometimes I don't make sense.

Las Vegas Tourist outfit

This first set is my dream tourist outfit. I'd throw on this sweet outfit for strolling along the Strip from casino to casino. I love the pale pink messenger bag in which I would stuff my phone and plenty of chips for gambling and then cram my DSLR on top because a bag is not worth it unless you pack too much. Also how cute is that ice cream charm bracelet?! Oh I wish I had enough money to actually buy my fantasy outfit...

Fancy Dinner in Las Vegas

This is my dream outfit for when Nick and I dine at the restaurant at the Eiffel tower. Did I mention we're staying at Paris Las Vegas? We're getting pretty fancy this vacation. When I saw the red roses on this dress it just seemed so Paris by way of Vegas that it just makes sense. And why not have a pair of impractical glitter heels too?


Night out in Vegas

A visit to Vegas would not be complete without a night out. Now I'm no party animal and I'm definitely not fancy enough for a night out in Vegas. My night out gear tends to consist of a slightly fancy tank top and a pair of shorts with maybe a pair of heels if you're lucky. But if I had the money to buy the perfect night out in Vegas outfit, you're seeing it. The faux leather skirt is just such a "me" length; pretty lady-like for Vegas but perfect for me. I love the tee and the necklace is fabulous and I might have to track it down.

What would you wear if you were me in Las Vegas? If you want to see what I'm really wearing and what I'm doing in Las Vegas, check me out on instagram!