Happies and Crappies #6

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

As always I am loving linking up with Stephanie and Sarah for their weekly happies and crappies link-up. I have a lot to be thankful for this week so let's get down to business!


- We are still in Las Vegas as we speak! But we're going home tomorrow. Even though I'm sad about that, I'm excited to get home and spend the last few weeks of summer hanging out and enjoying life.

- I GOT A JOB! It's been intense holding that secret in but I wanted to make sure that I had done all the necessary paperwork before spreading it across the web. I'll be teaching third grade and I have already started organizing my supplies and planning. It's been a hard road of job searching and maternity leaves to get to this point but I'm incredibly grateful to have a job in a market as competitive as New Jersey.

- I've been spending a ton of time hanging out with my girl friends this summer. It's been one of our best summers together since before we all left for college eight years ago. We're all friends from high school but now we have jobs and some are married and some are not so it's always been a struggle to get together with our schedule. Something clicked this summer and we've been together more often than not. It's also the first time ever that almost all six of us are attached and the boys are becoming buddies. We booked a getaway weekend for September to celebrate ten years and I can't wait!


- I'm stressing over the three weeks I have to get my classroom ready and become familiar with the curriculum and write my plans. But hey, I have a classroom!