Happies and Crappies #7

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link UpLook at that, Happies and Crappies two days in a row! I will always be grateful for Sarah and Stephanie's link-up since it's such a nice way to kick off my weekend. This Friday I have some pretty good Happies and Crappies that will also clue you in to what I've been up to all week.


* I love my new school. It's not the flashiest of flashy schools (aka only one computer in my class) but it's got a lot of heart. I've gotten good vibes so far and I'm ready to start the school year and meet my kids!

* I made some really good dinners this week and I'm getting back into the hang of things when it comes to the kitchen. Of course this could all fall apart when the school year starts and I'm at school ten hours out of my day BUT let's celebrate this for now!

* Buying new school supplies never gets old. I have been trying to control my shopaholic tendencies when it comes to new pens, highlighters, binders and anything cute that Target happens to put in their Back to School section.


* With all this back to school stuff, there hasn't been much time to blog. I'm not happy with my silence around here so I'm going to try to build an hour or so into my packed day to write up some posts. I can't wait to share my Vegas vacation pics with everyone!

* My new classroom smells terrible. I'm trying to pretend that it's not a big deal but it has a really strong and terrible smell of mold. This weekend I'm going shopping for one of those damp rid buckets and as many strong scented car fresheners as possible.

* I'm a tiny bit stressed about getting everything done before the kids get here. I have four full days next week then about three partial days after that. I'm trying not to let the stress get to me so there have been many "breathe in, breathe out" moments.

I definitely think my happies outweigh my crappies. Please head over to The Vintage Modern Wife or Scissors and a Whisk to link up with Sarah and Stephanie!