What I've Been Up To

This post is really hard to write but not because it contains anything meaningful or heartfelt. I just always have trouble getting back into the blog thing when I've had a prolonged absence. I haven't written anything not work related but for me in awhile but I'm ready to get back to the blog after this three week unplanned hiatus.

One of the other mental blocks for writing today's post was that I felt like I had nothing to write. In a way I feel like my life has been really, really boring lately. Basically it's been get up and get ready, drive to school in traffic, corral eighteen eight year olds for six hours, work for two hours past dismissal time in an attempt to catch up on the beginning of the year workload, and drive home in traffic. Then it's cook dinner, watch a few shows, and fall into bed so nothing too interesting. But that's just my annoying beginning-of-the-year pessimism shining through. There have been some other things but I tend to forget that when I'm locked away in my classroom. And now that's seriously enough rambling about the boring routine of teacher life. I'll just leave that for Nick.

One of my favorite things I got to do last month was seeing the Flyers pre-season open practice at Wells Fargo Center. I have officially been converted to an ice hockey fan, thanks to my loving boyfriend, and he has made me a Flyers girl. The open practice was part of their training camp and it was totally free and happened to fall on a Friday I had off from school. So going was a no-brainer.

flyers training camp wells fargo

flyers ice hockey

flyers hockey

Max Talbot flyers ice hockey

peter laviolette flyers ice hockey

flyers ice hockey


My other favorite thing from September and what may just be my favorite thing of all year was my girls' trip with my best friends this past weekend. My girls and I planned this weekend trip nearly five months ago but we've been wanting to take a trip like this for awhile. We have all been best friends since our junior year of high school and remained extremely close through all of life's changes. There were some headaches trying to get us all there (and still only five out of the six were able to make it) but in the end it will go down as one of the best weekends of my life. We stayed out in Strasburg, PA which is right in the heart of Amish country. We rented a beautiful two bedroom house for the weekend through HomeAway and this was the best decision ever. We had Amish neighbors and a cornfield that was perfect to play in. We spent our Saturday visiting the "highlights" of the greater Lancaster area. There was a scenic buggy ride and brews from Lancaster Brewing Company and Spring House Tap Room then a photo shoot in the corn field. Absolutely perfect. 

lancaster pennsylvania

amish buggy ride

beer amish country Lancaster Brewing Company

best friends in amish country

cornfields and friends

cornfield outfit

silly poses best friends


pumping gas

sunset cornfieldsI will never understand a woman who says they have no girl friends because they're "too much drama." Sure we've had our ups and downs as friends but at the end of the day these amazing woman have my back no questions asked and the same goes for any one of them. It was the most relaxing and refreshing weekend. 

While I've definitely been up to more shenanigans, I'm just here to bring you the highlights. I am slowly making my way back onto the blogging bandwagon as my hiatus comes to an end and I attempt to have a real life again. But if I ever fall off the face of the earth again, just check instagram, ok?