Sunday Somethings

I'm a big fan of Katie of Katie Did What's Somethings I'm Loving link-up (and Katie herself!) so I decided let me jump on it and join in. There's nothing better than spending a Sunday morning thinking about all the things that are making your life pretty fantastic, am I right? I'm whipping this post together right before we head out for a day in Philly with one of my favorite couples, another thing I'm loving. Life is so good right now. Song: I'm all about Lorde's Royals at the moment. This was the "theme song" of my weekend getaway with the girls so every time I hear it on the radio or when I'm out it makes me smile and thinking of silly memories running through cornfields.

Scents: all good smells in our house will be courtesy of candles from Bath and Body Works from now on. Nick got a coupon in the mail so we went to the mall last night and blew it out in hand soaps and candles. Yes, we do lead a wild and crazy life. We picked out three small tea candles in fall scents to see which one or ones we like the most before buying a big candle. I think I'm going to like fresh balsam the best because it reminds me of Christmas time. Seriously it's never too early!

Wears: my new boots from Target. Run, do not stop at go, to Target and check out their amazing boot selection. I was all set to head to DSW and drop some serious cash on riding boots from Ralph Lauren until we stopped at Target to buy soap and some socks. I not only found the last remaining Philip Lim tote bag in a forty mile radius but I found a fantastic pair of boots for $40. Get ready to see them all Fall and Winter in my outfit posts. You will love them too.

Beauty product: Let the Good Times Roll by Lush. I am definitely not the first blogger to sing the praises of Lush Cosmetics but I just had to give my two cents on this fantastic facial cleanser. I am planning a whole blog post dedicated to my new obsession but I just had to include it today on my love list. My skin has never felt so clean or so soft. Or smelt more like a cookie and I'm okay with that.

What are you loving on this beautiful Sunday morning? Write it up and link up!

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