Dressed Up Weekend Uniform in a Blazer

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pink blazer portraitblazer: gap (last season), sweatshirt: abercrombie, necklace: f21 (old), bag: phillip lim for target, sneakers: converse

You are looking at my weekend uniform and it's all about the comfort. Sweatshirt top, worn-in skinnies, and pair of sneakers. Oh and a bright pop of color courtesy of this amazing blazer. This Gap blazer was the subject of shopping guilt this past Spring. Sometimes I try to pretend I'm responsible and want to save my money. So even though I made a trip all the way down to the mall an hour south of here to try one on in my size, I still left the mall empty handed. I mean, a bright pink blazer? I have a preppy past but I thought it might be a little too much for me. Well I guess the boyfriend thought I looked pretty good in it because he surprised me with it only a week later and it has been a staple ever since. How sweet is he?

Also please appreciate my Phillip Lim bag which I literally stumbled upon when I went to Target a few weeks ago. The cashier ringing me up was astounded that I'd found one; she swore someone must have just returned it because they were all sold out. Score for me! I love it even though it's super big and I lose stuff in it all the time.

This weekend Nick and I are off from all social obligations and it feels so good. Fall is definitely our busiest season but we try to schedule an off weekend here and there. We are getting up tomorrow and heading out to a farm in Pennsylvania that has a hayride tour of their farm and we'll probably pick out some pumpkins and little gourds so I can get my fall decorating on. We might also go out with a few friends to haunted hayride Saturday night but we're still on the fence about that. I'm really looking forward to just hanging this weekend, most likely wearing the outfit above.

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