Brilliant Blue Cardigan and a Funky Plaid Button Down

fall plaid outfit leaf earrings for the fall

fall plaid outfitshirt: j.crew (old), cardigan: j.crew, jeans: f21, boots: target, earrings: terrain (old)

If you know me and my fashion choices, you would know there is nothing I wouldn't do for the perfect shade of blue in my wardrobe. I think the only blue I'm not a fan of is that unfortunate 80s baby blue. But this blue cardigan? Let's just call it love. For over a year I have been on a J.Crew fast because my wallet simply could not handle it. This cardigan was my first purchase back on the wagon and it felt so right. Seriously, it feels amazingly soft and I find a million different excuses to wear it throughout my week. I do the same with these boots. I adore my Target boots. Basically this whole outfit is about love and Fall and my blue cardigan.

I am not planning on looking this cute this weekend. This is definitely going to be a stay-at-home weekend in my comfiest pair of leggings and maybe a flannel shirt if I feel like dragging it out of storage. I feel like October was all go, go, go so I want my first weekend in November to be all about relaxing. Relaxing in my way which means probably doing some "fun" errands like going to Lush for beauty products and figuring out some ways to change up our little space. I'm starting to feel Winter creeping in so my nesting instinct is kicking up full blast. So even though it's going to be a stay-at-home weekend, you just might find me trolling the aisles of Ikea.


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