Today I am Thankful

The best part about this season we're currently in is that it makes people more aware of giving thanks for the things in their life. I am of the school where you should try to give thanks each day for the many blessings you receive. I am also in the school of being so busy sometimes my good intentions get outnumbered by my To Do list. But thankfully (no pun intended), Thanksgiving has snuck up on me and reminds me again to practice daily and thoughtful thankfulness for the things I have in my life. But because this is a blog and it is a busy day full of travel and family, I've created a Thanksgiving "short list" of all the things that I am thankful for today and everyday.
1. The love in my life. I have a life full of love and some days, especially those when I am short and grouchy, I'm not sure I deserve it. From the family who's supported me through this crazy life, the boy who is the love of my life, the greatest girl friends a girl could ever get, and the students who brighten my day, I am surrounded by love. It makes life so much better for it.
2. My job. Most days nothing goes as I want it to go and I'm sorry to admit there have been a few more after school meltdowns than I'd like to admit. Yet there's something so satisfying when I see a child "get it." One time I literally did the happy dance when one of my kids got three-digit adding down. Sadly they were not as enthusiastic as I was. But that doesn't stop me from turning off the light in my classroom every evening and saying "Oh yes, thank you."
3. My apartment. Little white box with a door and few windows has become my little slice of paradise. I am thankful that Nick and I are able to live together and build such a cozy little nest.
4. Good health. And with that I add, despite everything unhealthy I do to my body. Partying with my girls until late in the night, forgetting to remove my make-up, eating Krispy Kreme donuts, not drinking enough water, these are only a few of the many sins I commit against my body. Still it labors on and looks pretty good.
5. Celebrating the season. Every season I give thanks that I am able to celebrate a season of so much joy and happiness. Hopefully there will never be a day when this season stops being magical.
Hoping your enjoying your day with the ones you love!