Sunday Some Things

I'm back to share some things I've been doing, eating, reading, thinking and whatever recently. Last week was no good for blogging; the wacky weather has made my sinuses go crazy so I wasn't sleeping and had terrible headaches. Now I have a glorious 12 days off to recuperate and get myself back to being a functional human being. This also means you might hear from me a lot more in the coming days so get ready! But first I have some things to share this Sunday as part of Katie's Some Things I'm Loving Link-up.

Some scents...Okay, let's get this straight right off the bat: I am really particular about smells. I have one perfume that I will wear (and very rarely) and I have to smell all the Febreezes before I pick one that I can stand to smell sprayed in our apartment. But I have fallen hard for Bath and Body Works candles with all of their holiday scents. I tried to find something at the Yankee Candle shop that's not far from our apartment but nope, only the Bath and Body Works ones will do. My smell of the moment is the Balsam Fir candle. It smells just like fresh pine trees and that is the perfect Christmas scent to me.

Some reads...I have been a terrible reader lately and I am depressed about it. I need to make some time in my day for picking up a book (or mostly likely my Nook) and reading. I'd really like to start reading the Divergent series after seeing the trailer when Nick and I went to see Catching Fire. I'm also thinking about Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children which has been on my to-read list for awhile. So basically I'm looking into reading a lot of YA books and I'm not sorry about it. Maybe it will be just the kick start I need to get back on the reading bandwagon in 2014.

Some wears...Like I said up above, the weather around here has been all over the place. We had freezing rain and snow on Tuesday morning and today it is going to be around seventy degrees. It is wrecking havoc on planning what to wear so I've resorted to layers and lots of them. My most favorite layer? Cardigans. I have a towering stack of cardigans in my closet that threaten to fall down and bury me every time I dig one out. I would love to get this open front cardigan from Target or a cozy (and expensive) one from JCrew.

Some plans...we are officially three days from Christmas day! I could not be more excited. Nick and I have planned out what we're doing, where we're going, and who we're seeing which takes a lot of the stress away from the day. I love our families but it's hard to please everyone in one day. We've come up with a great compromise that includes spending a little bit of time just the two of us. I am just so ready for a day spent with the people I love.