New Year, New Goals: Read More

Every year, like most people, I set goals for the year to come and, like most bloggers, I devote a blog post to writing about those goals and why I chose them. This is definitely one of my favorite end of the year posts because I like setting goals and explaining why I'm choosing them. What I decided to do differently is break up my goals into three separate posts. Since this is the first post in my very short series of "New Year, New Goals" posts, I wanted to reflect on how I did with last year's goals. For 2013 I wanted to write more, be more intentional about every day, and try something new every month. For "writing more", I think I did just that when it came down to my blog. I wrote an average of fifteen posts per month and I think I made more of an effort to find my voice, though I still feel like I'm a long way from where I'd like to be. Go figure after three years of blogging! I wish I had made more effort to write off line, in my journal and writing fiction stories. Even though it's not one of my goals for 2014, I still want to make writing a priority for the new year. The second goal, "be more intentional", was something I definitely struggled with. It's hard to get up each day and do everything with intention. Sometimes I didn't feel good or I was lazy. I regret the days that went by when I wasn't engaging my mind in the present and making choices with intention. But I did become more aware of when I wasn't being intentional about my life and I feel like that's a great step towards living a more intentional life. Finally, there was "try something new each month". I didn't set high expectations for this goal; I allowed "something new" to be anything from a new restaurant to a new hobby. I chronicled some of my activities in a post series but I did forget to post later on in the year. This goal was by far my favorite because, though it could be challenging to come up with something new, I love having a little adventure every month.

Now that we've got the old business of last year's goals out of the way, here's to new year and new goals! The first goal I came up with for 2014 was to read more. I felt a definite sadness when I looked at the list of books I read this year (yes, I keep a list of books I read each year and I love it). I barely made time for reading this past year and that isn't like me. Sure, I read a lot when Nick and I were lounging around on the beach and I discovered and read many great blogs this year. But when I say reading I mean reading a fiction book that will wrap you up in its story and that just didn't happen so much this year. So for 2014, I want to read more books. I'm not setting a goal of books per month or anything because I'm reading for enjoyment and to stretch my mind, not to meet some arbitrary goal. Here are some books that are already on my "to read" list and you can expect that list to grow!

Books I Want to Read in 2014

This goal is going to be jump started before the first since I have time right now for reading. The hard part will be making sure that I keep up with it into the new year. If you have any good book recommendations, send them my way!