New Year, New Goals: Take More Pictures


In yesterday's post, I explained that instead of my usual one-and-done post about my goals for the new year I am doing three separate posts to tell you about my goals for the new year. It may be overkill but this is my first true vacation from work where I can just do what I want and I wanted to write tons of blog posts, seriously enough. So here it is, goal number two: take more pictures.

As a blogger, I see a lot of opportunities to take pictures and post them to the blog. But I am still shy about taking those pictures. Of course a study just came out that says you remember less when you take more pictures but I don't care. Having pictures makes me smile. I still go to my mom's house and pull out the twenty or so photo albums that document my childhood and flip back and forth through all those memories. To me, photos are tangible memories and I can't imagine not having them to document the big and small moments. This year I took pictures but for next year I want to step up my photo taking game especially now that I have my DSLR. I want to stop being afraid of people seeing me taking pictures and capture the moment.

Even though I think I rely on it too much at times, I want to continue using my iPhone for some quick pictures. I will scale back on using it to photograph everything but when my DSLR is just too heavy to lug around, my iPhone is a great alternative. I'm also looking for some good photo-a-day challenges; have any suggestions?