New Year, New Goals: 52 New Recipes

IMG_6540 For my last New Year, New Goals post on the very last day of 2013 I saved my favorite one. This goal idea came to me when most of my blog ideas or really any of my great ideas come: right before I fell asleep. I made myself say it over and over again so that I wouldn't forget what I really, really wanted to do for the new year. So without further ado, goal number three: try a new recipe every week in 2o14.

Why am I so psyched about cooking something new every week in 2014? Because I am making a real commitment to doing something I love. I absolutely can't imagine not knowing how to cook and eating all that delicious food. Watching my mother and grandmother cook started me on this journey and then I really started to explore when I bought Paula Deen's Lady and Sons cookbook. Getting a cookbook as a present is the best and I'll delve deep into that cookbook looking for recipes I can't wait to make.

But becoming a responsible, working adult kind of cuts into the time for cooking. I get home from work around 5:30 and most days all I want to do is absolutely nothing. Getting out a cookbook and tackling a complicated process of mixing, slicing, and blending seems nearly impossible some nights. Though it's a lot of work, I miss cooking. There is something so satisfying about plating a meal and then digging in and enjoying those flavors you made come to life. Sorry, but cooking is like an art form for me sometimes.

I didn't want to get too ambitious with my goal by saying a new recipe each night and I didn't want to be lazy by saying once a month. I settled on one new recipe a week; I can plan which recipe I'd like to try when I plan out my grocery list and then I'll cook that one meal on a night when I feel up to it. I have so many great cookbooks it'll be easy to choose one each week. I've already started to weed through my recipe board on Pinterest and flip through my cookbooks. If you have any recommendations for recipes I must try send them my way!

Now since it is the last day of 2013, I hope you all had the very best year. Thank you for reading my random ramblings here on buttons & blossoms, even if today is your first time here. Wishing you all the best in 2014!