One Word 2014

I never thought two years ago that I would make a tradition of picking one word that I would like to focus on for the coming year. But I have found it to be the perfect way to kick off the year which is why I'm doing it again! To be honest, I'm not perfect and I don't think about that one word the whole year and pretty much forget about it through those glorious summer months. But today, on the very first, promising day of the new year, I use my one word to set the tone for the rest of the year. Last year's word was "create" because I wanted to spend my year doing more creative endeavors. I did (briefly) open an etsy store (which is now defunct due to there just being no time in my day) and I think a lot of my creativity was poured into the start of this school year by creating my dream classroom. I also think I worked hard last year to create a life that I could be proud of. I think "create" worked out just fine for 2013. Now onto this brand new year. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I'd like my one word to be, as I always do. Even if I admittedly forget about it for a good portion of the year I want these first few days to be focused on creating the building blocks for a great year. Thinking about my one word also gets me thinking about the year ahead and I tend to pick a word that reflects what I think the year has in store for me. This year's word:



What a girly word, right? I've always shied away from words like "sparkle" that seem flippant and not strong and tough. Yet as I reflected on the year that's passed and the year I'd like to have, sparkle just fit perfectly. A lot of 2013 was a struggle for me as I fought for and worked hard for the life that I have now. The way I felt through the year can only be described as down. Not sad but like I was just getting by. I have felt like I haven't been "good enough" since I graduated from college over four years ago without a job. Now, in 2014, I finally feel like I am settling in to a fantastic life and have the opportunity to really let myself be better and greater than ever before. It is my year to sparkle, to show off all the things that make me great, to really go above and beyond. It's finally time for me to sparkle.