Stylin' 2014

Last week I showed off my favorite fashion posts from 2013 and was pretty darn proud of how I was able to pull myself together last year. (And let's be honest: some days it really did feel like I was pulling it together!) With three days into this new year, I've already started to think about how I'm going to be best dressed in 2014. As I type this though, I know that my style won't change all that much; I've got this classic with a casual flair thing going for me. Plus those fashion magazines are always telling you to pick a style that works for you instead of playing off the trends. But a girl can dream, can't she? What I'm dreaming of is having a big budget and bigger closet begging for some new styles. Here's what I'm dreaming of:

Working It 2014

1. Working it in 2014. My work wardrobe has definitely fallen in a rut. I prize comfort over all else in my work wardrobe as I crouch next to desks, sit on the carpet to read a book, and host messy chemistry experiments in my cramped classroom. I never want to be too dressed up but I have to look professional. I'm a skirt lover and I'm all about the new midi style skirt because it won't risk, um, exposing anything with this longer style (oh the things I worry about when I'm getting dressed for work). It's also not as long as a maxi skirt which the kids constantly step or sit on. Also chambray shirt! That's all I have to say. Okay so it's just a fancy word for denim shirt but it's perfectly acceptable according to the dress code and incredibly comfortable AND I already have a ton of it in my closet. So yes, chambray all day every day for work.

Put it in Neutral 2014

2. Put it in neutrals. I love having color in my wardrobe: hot pink, lime green, bright yellow, let's put it on! Yet there's something to be said for a neutral color palette. I'm finding that integrating those browns, grays, and whites into my wardrobe makes for a subtly sophisticated style. Those colors also really compliment my skin tone and the clothes I already have. So I'm going neutral in 2014.

Boho Chic

3. Bring on the boho. When the summer rolls around I'm always checking out the style pages from music festivals but not for the music artists. I'm looking to see what the concert goers have piled on to create their signature look for sweaty outdoor dancing. While most looks are over the top, I've secretly always been into that bohemian chic look that most festival goers have. Flowy tops, boyfriend jeans, natural stone bracelets, and cowboy boots are all items that I want to integrate into my closet this new year. I love how relaxed this look is. I want to be more calm and relaxed in 2014 so why not start with the clothes?