Black Dress and Grey Tights for New Year's Eve

black and gray outfitdress: from my mom, tights: urban outfitters, heels and necklace: f21

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted an outfit. In fact, this is my first outfit of the year! It's not too shabby except that I didn't take the time to take real pictures of it, just iPhone ones, since this what I wore for Christmas Eve mass and we were running late (and hopefully no bad karma for old outfits in a new year). To be honest, I've just been waiting for the perfect time to style this dress up and get it onto the old blog. Aren't the sleeves on this dress fabulous? My Mom had this dress in her closet, along with her many stylish and fabulous clothes, and I'd coveted it until she finally caved and passed it on to me. It's a little black dress with personality. Seriously, the sleeves!

Moving onto this weekend, tomorrow night I'll finally be celebrating an engagement with my best girl friends with some drinks and reminiscing. Good friends have got to be the cure for one heck of a week. There must be something in the water or a full moon because work has been crazy! Couple that with it being my least favorite month of the year and you have one unhappy camper here. I'm really just trying to survive until May when I can officially thaw out. So besides the engagement party, I am going to get some relaxing "me" time in. With maybe some Downton Abbey and a dash of New Girl thrown in too.