Brave the Vortex in Style

There is nothing more I love than getting dressed with the intention of documenting my outfit for the blog. That's weird, right? But it's me; I mean, in high school my love of organization and my love fashion collided when I created a weekly calendar of the outfits I was going to wear. So I've been weird all my life. But, getting back on topic, this weather has robbed me of getting dressed and looking cute. My thought process each morning is, "will this keep me warm enough as I run from my car to the school and back?" or "Do I need more layers?" I did attempt this week to get at least one good round of photos because I have an adorable new JCrew skirt that I want to show off. Miserable Nick stood on the back patio while I stood in the snow and the cold wind whipped my skirt around. Did I mention it was after a full day of work? Needless to say, those photos need to be spruced up a bit and I'll consider posting them next week. But standing out in the cold, wishing I could look cute and warm at the same time, inspired me to whip up two collages of clothes I wish I had been wearing in that moment.

Braving the Vortex

If you're going to brave the polar vortex, you might as well go all the way. In this weather, my toes need serious help and I've had my eyes on these Sorel boots for a long time. I think Nick might riot if I add another pair of boots to the floor of our closet but he'll be thankful when I'm not asking him to revive my frostbitten toes. I've also been shopping for a parka, though this one from Jack Wills is a little on the expensive side for me. I want to splurge but my puffy black coat, while not the chicest, is perfectly fine for this winter. Plus it has the potential to be a sleeping bag if I get into a bind. And can I say enough about layers, layers, layers?! Plaid is the new black in my book.

Weekender Chic

Please take me away, boyfriend jeans and chic beret, to time when I could actually see how cute I look! What you see above is my ideal weekend look: comfy on bottom, comfy on top, and the requisite plaid and moccasins in some form or another. I adore my tramper boots. Unfortunately they are currently sitting neglected in my closet but protected from the salt and snow. Boo, I want this cold weather to end!

There you have it, my winter wishes. Here's to hoping we all stay warm and toasty this weekend!