How I Wear Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots and printed cardigan outfit chevron necklace madewell

layered look and cowboy bootsshirt, sweater, jeans: f21, boots: ae (old), necklace: madewell

So I told you that winter and I are not friends right? Only about a million times right? The above pictures are exactly why I just can't get along with this season. I wanted to show off my neglected cowboy boots only to look out the window and see freezing sleet coming down once again. Like we need any more snow here in the northeast. But I was not going to be deterred even though heels are completely inappropriate for slippery snow covered sidewalks. And look at that, I survived!

Besides the Forever 21 fashion I've got going on in this outfit, all of my lovely accessories come from Nick. It's wonderful to have a man who understands my love for fashion. The story of these cowboy boots on this Northern girl come from our trip to Nashville. On Broadway in Nashville there is a shop that sells buy two, get a pair free cowboy boots. I am such a bargain hunter I thought that I could somehow figure out I could rotate three different pairs of cowboy boots into my New Jersey wardrobe. Thankfully Nick talked me off the ledge although I am still sad that I left behind those coral ones with the turquoise design. But he did find these more subtle and stylish ones for me from American Eagle because obviously he's the best. I don't wear them often but I love when I do. But not only did Nick get me the boots, the gorgeous chevron necklace was this year's Valentine's gift. He saw me admiring it when we were browsing the Madewell store in Philly and ordered it. Lucky girl right here.

I thought it would be okay to be a little mushy-gushy over Nick since I didn't do that last week for Valentine's Day. I am just now getting caught up on my Bloglovin' feed and have been hitting forward through the millions of Valentine's Day outfit/date night/party/love posts. That may be an exaggeration but I'm excited for blogs to get back onto their regularly scheduled programming just like I'm hoping to get back out of this funk and back to my regular posting! Happy weekend!