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strangeloves menuNick and I are creatures of habit when it comes to Philadelphia. We like our select neighborhoods and when we get a chance to zip down to the city, we will happily settle our behinds on the bar stools of one of our favorite haunts. But recently I started to reminisce about the early days of our relationship when we were getting to know each other along with learning more about the city of brotherly love. Every neighborhood was new and different and exciting. Now Philly is a big city and as much as I like to say I've seen it all, there's still plenty to explore which is how we found ourselves grabbing a bar stool at Strangelove's in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Philly, in the area that surrounds Jefferson Hospital. strangeloves philly

strangeloves bar philadelphiaNick and I headed to Strangelove's for brunch, my favorite Sunday meal. I'm trying to make it a tradition but my wallet just won't let me. Strangelove's is like most Philly restaurants: a cozy restaurant with a good New American menu tucked into tight row home. It had a gorgeous marble bar which is where we parked our behinds. Strangelove's emphasizes its beer menu and I was more than happy to try some of their hoppy selections.

Now comes the best part: they have shrimp and grits. Believe me when I say that Georgia left a lasting impression on me and an undying love for shrimp and grits. It is nearly impossible to find a good dish of shrimp and grits above the Mason Dixon line (well, honestly, anywhere outside of Georgia) just like you can't possible find a good cheesesteak outside of a 40 mile radius from South Philly, which is pushing it. But somehow Strangelove's nailed it. It had the most delicious sauce with fresh red and green peppers and these massive shrimp. Of course Nick joined me with some Southern love and had a po'boy with the most delicious and crispy homemade chips fried up in house.

strangelove menu philadelphia

strangeloves menu philadelphiaBesides the delicious food and great beers, Strangelove's was relaxing, cozy, and the perfect place to bring friends (next time!). Plus it had the most gorgeous art from local artists, even in the bathroom. Oh and they're funny too (don't get your undies in a brunch!). It's like a hole-in-the-wall bar with an upscale feel. And it got Nick and I out of our usual neighborhood. If you're in Philly and looking for something a little different that feels like your usual spot, Strangelove's is the place to go.

strangelove art

Strangelove's - 11th street (btw. Walnut and Locust), Philadelphia - @strangelovesbar