Tourist Wear For the Winter

casual outfit philadelphia

white sweater minnetonka bootssweater: f21 (old), jeans: levi's, shirt: jcrew, boots: minnetonka, bag: target

There are many reasons I believe Philadelphia is an amazing city to live near, many of which deal with great food and great fun. But I often forget the reason why people from all over the world visit these streets. Philadelphia is the birthplace of freedom with many landmarks that chronicle America's struggle to become an independent nation. I've always been enamored with history and it all started by learning the story of the colonists and their fight for independence. And despite all that, I completely forgot about all those great historic sites until I got my Revolutionary War unit together for social studies. When I finally realized that I could bring a little bit of history from our backyard and into the classroom I dragged Nick down to Philly for an excursion to the historic and touristy side of Philadelphia to collect some goodies.

I was really happy that we picked the day we did to explore since it was simply gorgeous and in the high 50s. Compared to today's polar vortex, that was practically summer. To take advantage of the weather, I layered up a simple checked button down with a cozy white sweater and laced up my favorite Minnetonka boots. Those suede boots have been in hiding with the snow and ice and I was so happy I pulled them out. They were absolutely perfect for traversing the brick walkways and a little nod to the earliest inhabitants of the Delaware River Valley (which would be the Lenape and I taught my third graders about them in the fall). I can't say I look nearly as comfortable or cute in today's chill. Well, it was great while it lasted.