Mix Stripes and Textures and Colors

Day at the Art Museum Mix Stripes for the Museum

Mix Outfit for the Museumjacket: american eagle, shirt: gap, jeans: levi's via kohl's, booties: nine west, necklace: f21, bag: target

What happens when the weather starts to get all mixed up? I start to get really creative trying to predict what to wear when I'm out and about and this outfit is perfect proof of that. Stripes, leather, coral, fur, and booties? Yes, a very workable mix, but unfortunately I was still cold when it became nasty and damp later in the day. It wouldn't have been a problem but Nick and I were making our way up and down the parkway outside in the drizzle last Sunday visiting the Rodin Museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art. I had been super excited when the weather report said it was going to be 44, which sounded practically tropical with the winter we've been having. So I busted out this new jacket that I picked up at American Eagle on sale. It's very different, not my normal clean and cotton style that I go for, but different is good. It's pretty cozy but I was missing my big black sleeping bag of a winter coat when my behind started to get cold. Go figure. Come on, spring!

Speaking of spring, the weather is starting to indicate it might not be too far away for New Jersey. We're just in that weird "mix" period when some days feel like winter and other days are getting up in the fifties. Tomorrow is the bi-annual Craft Beer Express in Philly and it coincides perfectly with one of my best girl friend's birthday so naturally I am outfit planning today. I will never not be type A. I'm thinking a flannel shirt and sweater but for sure some sort of layers. Layers are officially my friend from now until May. Hope your Spring is coming sooner rather than later!