Hipster Brunchin' in Shorts and Tights

my hipster outfit my hipster outfit

my hipster outfitboth sweaters and necklace: f21, shorts: h&m, tights: target, moccasins: minnetonka, glasses: bonlook (similar)

Never say never because this outfit officially contradicts two things I never thought I'd do: wear my glasses out in public and wear shorts with tights. The first because I never had cute glasses until last year and the second because I didn't believe I would like this style. Well, thanks to visiting BonLook's website last year I have these beautiful frames, though I'll admit that I only wore my glasses with this outfit because it was just comfier to wear glasses. And thanks to finally deciding I was hipster enough to sport tights with shorts, I found an extremely comfortable and cozy style. Seriously, I am in love with this combo. I've been missing my shorts and longing for any hint of spring so I pulled this outfit together for a Sunday brunch trip to a pretty hipster area of Philadelphia. Until this weather officially warms up, you'll probably catch me in some combo of shorts/tights on any given weekend day.

Let me just tell you that I am in love with brunch. To think I ever hated brunch because I couldn't stand breakfast foods. I love food but I'm really picky about what I eat in the morning. I am not a fan of pancakes, waffles, piles of eggs, or any really traditional breakfast food. I do love omelettes, fried potatoes, and any sweet baked good you put in my path. So while my brunch days are not the healthiest, they are delicious. As I type I am trying to convince Nick that brunch on Sunday will be a great idea. We already have plans to head into Philly to go to Dock Street Brewery for a growler of their Walker beer for us to enjoy while watching the season finale of The Walking Dead (so excited!). Brunch would just be the best compliment to this rainy weekend, don't you think?